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Certified tobacconist from Gainesville, Florida

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Cory Carnley of Gainesville, Florida, is a passionate advocate for cigars and the rights of cigar smokers. He has a deep knowledge of tobacco blends, storage, and selection. His certification has enabled him to help novices make their first choices and develop their tastes in tobacco and accessories such as humidors, cutters, and lighters. Additionally, his tobacconist skills can help improve customer service and marketing at industry retailers and establishments. Carnley is also an accomplished blogger on tobacco topics.

Besides being a tobacconist, Carnley is certified in bartending and responsible vending. His responsible vending certification is part of a voluntary Florida program that encourages establishments to sell alcohol responsibly, avoiding sales to underage individuals and working to keep drunken drivers off the roads. These certifications can benefit various businesses, including restaurants, bars, grocers, convenience stores, and caterers. Furthermore, businesses with responsible vending certifications can save on insurance costs.

Carnley's bartending and responsible vending certifications complement his tobacconist certification and provide him with the credentials for a position at a premium establishment that provides alcohol and cigar experiences.

The Gainesville resident is also an entrepreneur with excellent marketing skills. He has monetized his travel blog through expertise in affiliate marketing, guest posts, sponsored links, and SEO to promote his blog. He also uses his knowledge to build backlinks by providing expertise to digital reporters and sharing his knowledge on YouTube. These marketing skills can be applied to tobacco establishments or other businesses, making him a versatile asset.

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