About Me

Cory Carnley of Gainesville, Florida, is a certified tobacconist who advocates for cigars and the rights of cigar smokers. He also has certifications in the hospitality and service industries, including bartending and responsible vending. Responsible vending is a voluntary Florida program that encourages establishments to sell alcohol responsibly, avoiding sales to underage individuals and working to keep drunken drivers off the roads.

Professional Skills

Carnley has professional experience and skills that can be translated to various venues.

Tobacco and Hospitality

Carnley's tobacconist certification represents a significant accomplishment and indicates a deep knowledge of tobacco and cigars. The training for the certification included insight into blends, storage, and selection. It also enables him to help novices make their first choices and develop their own tastes for tobacco and accessories such as humidors, cutters, and lighters. His tobacconist skills can also help improve products and customer service at industry retailers and establishments and provide unique insights into marketing tobacco products. He is also a regular blogger on tobacco topics.

Cory Carnley of Gainesville's certification in bartending and responsible vending add another dimension to Carnley. Employees with responsible vending certifications can benefit restaurants, bars, grocers, convenience stores, and caterers. Businesses that have responsible vending certifications also may be able to save on their insurance costs.

The bartending and responsible vending certifications also complement his tobacconist certification. providing him with the credentials for a position at a premium establishment that provides alcohol and cigar experiences.

Marketing and Entrepreneurial

Carnley is also an entrepreneur with excellent marketing skills, having monetized his travel blog so that it provides him with a good living. Specifically, he has expertise in affiliate marketing and in using guest posts to attract a larger following. He also uses sponsored links and SEO to promote his blog. He also takes the opportunity to build backlinks by providing expertise to digital reporters and sharing his knowledge on YouTube. He can apply all these marketing skills to tobacco establishments or other businesses.

Tobacco Background

Cory Carnley of Gainesville's interest in cigars began on his 18th birthday, which he celebrated with his first cigar. He became interested in tobacco and began experimenting with tobacco and accouterments. He also researched the tobacco industry and consumer products. He now has knowledge of premium cigars and cigarillos, "gas station cigarillos," chewing tobacco, cigarettes, dipping tobacco, hookahs, nasal snuff, pipes, and pipe tobacco. He is passionate about premium cigars.

His passions led him to join Cigar Rights of America, a lobbying organization for the premium cigar business. One way the organization advocates for the industry is by following state legislation on smoking venues and dealers. He became the organization's youngest member. He believes that when more young professionals join the organization, the potential to reach out to politicians and the public will dramatically increase. The organization also provides a social outlet, allowing him to connect with others who enjoy excellent cigars.

Travel Passion

Cory Carnley of Gainesville also is passionate about travel, especially domestic travel. His entrepreneurial skills helped him find a way to turn this passion into money through his travel blogs, which have numerous followers. He began his travels simply by packing a bag and beginning his exploration. He initially financed his trips through the gig economy, picking up freelance photography and writing work. Now, sponsored campaigns and advertisements have provided him with sufficient income to plan his next trip.

Currently, he focuses primarily on domestic travel, believing that exploring his own backyard is the most interesting. He has traveled to 44 of the 50 states, including much of New England, the Midwest, and the Southwest. He believes that travel has enabled him to gain a new perspective on the United States. It also has enabled him to understand and appreciate the country better.

The most difficult part of his travel blogging business is deciding his next destination, he says. The next destinations are easier, however, because they are the states he has yet to visit, including Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming.

As he travels, he blogs and takes photographs, and he has an extensive online portfolio.

Entrepreneurial Philosophy

Cory Carnley of Gainesville has worked hard to build his travel business and cautions those who might see his lifestyle as a long, glamorous vacation. Becoming a successful entrepreneur and blogger requires determination and a willingness to work hard. It requires constant learning. When he isn't writing, he researches, reads, and plans, just as any entrepreneur would do with their business.

Carnley, however, is willing to help others develop a travel blogging business and frequently posts about ways others who love to travel can grow their business based on his own experience.


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